6 in 1

Connect 6 different social networks into 1 profile.

Facebook • Instagram • Soundcloud • Tumblr • Twitter • Youtube

Picture of a Konect profile.

This is a Konect profile. It’s your personal social network aggregator of your content. It goes and grabs the content you create on different social networks and pulls them into one profile. Making it easier to share your content and gain more fans and followers with one url.

A illustration of Konect cards

Your profile is made up of different social cards. A social card is a post from one of your connected networks. Konect gives you the control of how and when your cards show up on your profile. Add one of your tweets, 3 of your Youtube videos, a couple of your Soundcloud songs, a post from your Facebook page or even everything. It’s your profile and its up to you.

For Artists & Individuals...

Konect helps artist and individuals that make music, take photos or create art of any form share their content in a convenient and easy way.

For Brands & Businesess...

Your brand or business uses multiple social networks to get your message to your customers and followers. Konect helps you connect these networks together to help form one unified brand message.

Not sure if Konect is for you?

Create a quick preview of how your profile can look by connecting a network or 2. If you like it, save it. If you don’t... don’t worry we won’t save your info.